When dealing with debts, an enforceable judgment is not enough. The debt must be collected.

Debtors often fail to comply with the judgment entered against them. The judgment must then be enforced by means of an attachment order against a bank account, or an attachment and levy of execution on personal property, or an attachment of earnings order.

Attachments are costly, and the creditor pays if they are used indiscriminately.

More than 95 % of attachments of personal property with a levy of execution fail. The cost is often borne by the creditor. Accordingly, attachments should not be carried out unless one is virtually certain that they will result in payment, without costing the creditor anything. .

Saint Louis Recouvrement thus strives to choose enforcement measures suited to the circumstances of each debtor.

The work we do on the case before it reaches this phase, and the work done by our investigators, enable us to identify the enforcement measure that will be most effective in securing payment.

Our associates give instructions to bailiffs that limit the number of legal documents served and reduce collection costs.

The bailiffs we choose receive clear and informed instructions from our lawyers. Only those legal documents that we request are served. This means that enforcement takes less time, and costs less. Thanks to the vigilance of our associates, the service of unnecessary, costly legal documents is avoided..



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