Take the necessary action before it is too late

If our efforts to collect without issuing legal proceedings ultimately fail, we issue proceedings, once we have the creditor's permission to do so.

Take the most appropriate action

Our legal expertise allows us to determine the most suitable type of proceeding for our customer and the dispute itself, and to lodge an application with any civil, commercial or criminal court.

Regardless of whether we apply for interim relief, commence a proceeding on the merits, lodge an application with the registrar for an order to pay, apply for protective measures (attachment, pledge, charging order), implement a reorganisation plan, lodge an application for an administration order or with the enforcement judge. we act quickly, in cooperation with our customers, and always in accordance with their interests.

Keep costs down

Our legal case officers handle the proceeding from A to Z:

  • They identify the most suitable type of proceeding,
  • They fill out claim forms and draft applications,
  • They lodge pleadings,
  • They prepare pleading files,
  • They decide on execution and enforcement measures.

Thus, when a proceeding requires the services of a bailiff or the assistance of a barrister or solicitor, we will relieve all of them of the most time-consuming aspects of the case, thereby generating substantial savings on fees and time spent.

Avoid routine

Saint Louis Recouvrement's legal and procedural expertise offers its clients a guarantee against drawbacks of a "pre-packaged", "instruction manual-type" collection process with a high risk of failure.

We are able to issue legal proceedings at any time, whenever the creditor's interests require. On the other hand, we never stop trying to negotiate a solution out of court, even if proceedings have commenced.


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