"Legality, Firmness, Efficiency"

Debt collection is a business that focuses on communication, with a legal flavour.

Saint Louis Recouvrement has striven to set up a team composed of business lawyers who are able,

In their dealings with creditors, to:

  • Communicate in order to identify their respective expectations, and provide a tailor-made debt collection solution,
  • Analyse and investigate the cases they are assigned, and report on their efforts.

In their dealings with debtors, to:

  • Work out the debtor's profile, and listen to him,
  • Answer his objections and respond to his requests politely and in a professional manner,
  • Identify and implement actions from A to Z that will result in payment, both in the pre-legal phase and in legal proceedings.

Debtors' corner for payment of debts.

Saint-Louis Recouvrement has added a secure interface to its website that allows debtors to pay their debts online.

Saint Louis Recouvrement does not subcontract.

In order to handle cases more quickly, better identify its customers' specific features, and avoid the added costs generated by intermediaries, Saint Louis Recouvrement does not rely on subcontractors.

Where the law requires that a third party be brought in (for example, pleadings by a practicing lawyer, service of documents by bailiffs prior to legal proceedings), the agency has signed agreements with a network made up of almost 1000 correspondents, including:

  • Practicing lawyers to plead cases based on files prepared by Saint Louis Recouvrement,
  • Bailiffs whose performance is monitored by Saint Louis Recouvrement,
  • Collection agents for visits to homes or premises,
  • International correspondents for foreign cases,
  • Investigators for address searches and solvency investigations.


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