Listen, adapt, convince

We do everything we can to ensure that your debtors pay us quickly, voluntarily and, if possible, without the need to issue legal proceedings.

We get excellent results in the pre-legal phase because we start by determining the debtor’s profile:

  • Is he going through a rough patch?
  • Does he mistakenly believe he doesn’t owe you anything?
  • Is he acting in bad faith?
  • Is he careless?
  • Is he complaining about the service you provided?
  • Does he think that you, his creditor, won’t dare to sue him?...

By understanding why your debtors fail to pay you and working out how they think, we make your chance of collecting your debt as good as it can be. Knowing how to talk to debtors is essential.

Thus, our associates, who are expert in the most advanced communication methods, know exactly how to tailor their approach to each individual debtor.

It’s not a question of making gratuitous threats, nor is it a matter of being overly complacent. Rather, it’s about making the debtor understand that both of us (you and Saint Louis Recouvrement) are unshakeable in our determination to collect the debt.

One rule: we do what we say we’ll do

In the pre-legal phase, we collect debts by means of:

  • Letters (regular mail, fax, email, sms, etc.)
  • Telephone calls
  • Visits to the debtor’s home or premises


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