All of our associates are there to serve each and every one of our customers.

Our lawyers with advanced degrees, our specialist trained negotiators, our team in charge of development and quality, our administrative and accounting department, our IT staff, our network of partners in France and abroad are there to serve each and every one of our customers.

Each customer has a single contact person who is a lawyer.

A portfolio of overdue debts that winds its way through department after department would pass through too many hands for our collection policy to consistently achieve positive results.

Thus, in order to ensure that we continue to achieve a high percentage of successful collections, it is essential that your cases be handled by a single team reporting to a single lawyer.

Saint Louis Recouvrement thus provides you with a qualified lawyer-manager specialised in debt collection who is available at all times to discuss ongoing cases with your staff.

The same person will be responsible for handling your cases from one stage to the next, from the day they are keyed into our system, through pre-legal reminders or legal proceedings, to the day the debt is finally paid. This manager relies on a team of specialists who are able to ably present a convincing argument and, where necessary, issue legal proceedings.


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