Saint Louis Recouvrement was formed in 1990 by Thierry Gingembre. Today, he is the Deputy Chairman of ANCR, where he is responsible for legal issues. He is also the author of "Agir face aux impayés" ("How to Deal with Overdue Debts"), published by Delmas (Dalloz group).

With offices in the greater Paris region, Saint Louis Recouvrement operates both in France and abroad.

Saint Louis Recouvrement strives to:

  • Afford its customers the benefit of its expertise in preventing overdue debts (organisation, training, general terms and conditions of sale, etc.)
  • Conduct a tailor-made collection policy that fits its customers' specific features and meets their expectations (organisation, legislation, reporting, etc.)


  • The ratio of collections to overdue debts is particularly high,
  • The ratio of collection costs to amounts collected is particularly low.

In particular:

  • Your overdue debts will shrink steadily over time, from one financial year to the next.

When a creditor assigns debts to Saint Louis Recouvrement for collection, he will have:

  • A lawyer responsible for the pre-legal phase and for legal proceedings to collect debts,
  • An administrative and accounting team that he can reach at any time,
  • A computer system that will satisfy his requirements and expectations in terms of data transfer,
  • An internet platform that he can access online in real time to monitor progress in collecting his debts,
  • A secure payment platform for debtors who wish to pay their debt with a couple of mouse clicks online,
  • A network of more than 1000 correspondents consisting of practicing lawyers, bailiffs, field officers, private investigators, etc...
  • Correspondents around the world.

Saint Louis Recouvrement is a member of the ANCR (National Association of Debt Collection and Business Investigation Agencies) and the FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations). As a result, creditors have a financial guaranty that funds collected will be paid over to them, and enjoy the benefits associated with a professional liability insurance policy.

This offers customers an additional guaranty.

For debtors, it enhances our credibility, contributing to the success of our efforts.


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